Cambridge Community Reports

Multi-Family Housing Demand Analysis

Date of Report: January 2019
A Demand Analysis for multi-family housing was conducted for the City of Cambridge by the McComb Group, Ltd that covered Isanti County. The purpose of the study was to determine if there was a need for additional multi-family housing. The study indicates there is a need for additional housing in the primary market.

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Cambridge Retail Trade Area Analysis

Date of Report: December 2017
The Retail Trade Area Analysis was prepared for the City of Cambridge by the University of Minnesota. This analysis provides A TOOL TO MEASURE THE ECONOMIC HEALTH OF THE LOCAL RETAIL ECONOMY. This analysis provides information on the continued steady growth of the city's economy in comparison with other cities within the area. Provides Cambridge's performance to other similar Minnesota cities, retail sales over years, the pull factor showing the Cambridge is clearly driving shoppers from a very large retail area.

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Cambridge Market Area Profile

Date of Report: May 2018
The Cambridge Market Area profile was prepared for the City of Cambridge by the University of Minnesota. This Area Profile provides data, analysis and findings described in this report are specific to the geography, time frame and project requirements of Cambridge.

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McComb's Retail Market Analysis

A Retail Market analysis conducted by the McComb Group, Ltd. in 2011. Cambridge has become a "major regional shopping area in east-central Minnesota with the largest concentration of retail and service establishments in its primary and secondary trade areas." Cambridge has become a major retail destination since Cub Foods, Target, Walmart Supercenter and Menards open in the East TH-95 retail area taking advantage of the area’s continued growth and increasing retail potential.

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Cambridge, MN Restaurant Demand Analysis

A Restaurant Demand analysis conducted by the McComb Group, Ltd in 2011. Cambridge is an excellent location from which to serve a growing population in east-central Minnesota. Cambridge is developing as the major regional shopping destination since cub Foods, Target, Wal-Mart Supercenter and Menards opened in the East TH-95 area. Cambridge is under served by full service restaurants with the increased growth in population and retail establishments.

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Hotel Analysis Competitive Market Overview

A Hotel Study was conducted in 2011 and updated March, 2018 by the Inn Development & Managements (IDM Group, LLC) on the potential development of a limited, select or full-service hotel in the City of Cambridge. The purpose of the study was to analyze and determine the feasibility of the market in Cambridge. The report focuses on the supply and demand in hotel accommodations and the potential for development in the area is promising.

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Cambridge Design Opportunities

The following report was created by a University of Minnesota Research Student Keshika De Saram.

The primary goal was to engage citizen groups to identify assets of Cambridge in areas of natural, social, economic and cultural environment and to set the ground work for the Minnesota Design Team visit in spring of 2016. Keshika was also asked to include help evaluating the future assets of Northern Lights Express within Downtown Cambridge and provide some focus points for the Design Team.

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