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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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The Cambridge City Council and staff are trying something new with the drafting of the 2018 budget to give citizens more opportunity to provide input into the budget and the setting of the tax levy before things are “set in stone”.

First, we would like citizens to visit our Taxpayer Receipt application by clicking this icon:

This receipt gives an estimate of what 2017 City property taxes are paying for.  This receipt does not include your County or School District Share of your tax bill. Of your 2017 property taxes, approximately 45% goes to the City of Cambridge.

Once you have visited the Taxpayer Receipt application, we invite you to review the current draft of the 2018 budget through an application called Balancing Act by clicking this icon:

The 2018 budget is currently “in balance” as proposed revenues equal proposed expenditures.  We invite you to make simulated changes to the budget just keeping in mind that if you reduce taxes, you also need to reduce expenditures. 

The current draft of the budget is a “work in progress” and is based on a 5% increase in the tax levy.  A final levy will not be set until December 2017 so the Cambridge City Council will be continuing to work on the budget until that time.  Cambridge is a growing community and that creates additional needs for service.

The Cambridge City Council would like you to comment on the draft of the 2018 budget by July 31, 2017 as they will be meeting on the budget draft in August. The system will require you to enter your address when submitting responses. This information will only be used to filter out feedback from non-residents.

A preliminary levy must be set by the Council on September 18.  The preliminary levy sets the maximum tax increase that may occur for the next year.  For the final levy adopted in December, the levy may go down, but it may not exceed the preliminary levy.

We will also have staff available to talk about Taxpayer Receipt and Balancing Act for citizens to attend on July 27 from 10 am-noon and again from 6 pm-8 pm in the Cambridge City Hall Council Chambers. 

If you have any questions about Taxpayer Receipt and Balancing Act, contact Caroline Moe, Director of Finance for the City of Cambridge at 763-552-3202 or email .


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