Cambridge's diverse economy starts with expanding existing business and attracting new businesses. Targeting specific industry sectors to expand or start fresh in Cambridge will always be and has been an ongoing effort. The cluster of these manufacturers makes up a large portion of Cambridge’s economy. Further development of these sectors will strengthen current businesses in the community as well as spawn new ones. These businesses in Cambridge support the local schools, college, hospital, medical clinic and strong retail market, plus provide well paying jobs for people in our community and region.

Tech-intensive Manufacturers »

Cambridge is home to more than 25 tech-intensive manufacturers in diverse industries -- including metals, plastics, automotive parts, printing, publicher of books, testing labs, food processing and materials handling.

Diverse range of Products Manufactured in Cambridge

Local companies provide finished goods or parts for medical devices, recreational vehicles, grain-handling equipment, food products, electronic equipment, automobiles and other products.

Cambridge Manufacturers Serving Minnesota and US Markets

“The city has always had a strong manufacturing base. In recent years, it has attracted local and national companies that manufacture goods used throughout the world.”

— Chris Schlagel, Third-generation Owner
Schlagel Inc.